Why Support Insight for Living UK

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Two thousand years ago, Jesus challenged an ordinary group of people with two simple words, “Follow Me.” Those who said yes to His call learned truth at His feet, grew in His love, and eventually shared with the world the life-changing message of His salvation.

Jesus’s simple invitation still stands. No previous experience is required, no level of maturity expected, no special skills needed—only a willingness to follow.

When we answer His call, He gives each of us a unique role to fulfil in the body of Christ. For instance, I am charged to preach and teach His Word. Other members of our Insight for Living staff design our ministry resources. Some care for the needs of our listeners as pastoral counsellors. Still others provide support for our international ministries.

One of my favourite sayings is, “There are goers and there are senders.” God may not have called you to be a “goer.” However, He has called all of us to be “senders.” We’re all expected to support His work around the world.

The parable of the talents, found in Matthew 25:14–30, teaches that people are accountable and responsible to God for the way they use the resources they are given. They are expected to “steward” or “manage” these for the One who has given them. God wants us to reinvest into His kingdom the talents and gifts He has given us. At Insight for Living, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

What has God entrusted to your hands? You could make no greater investment with the resources our Lord has called you to steward than to deposit them in eternal work. I invite you to consider partnering with us and support the ministry of Insight for Living.