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21 Feb 2018
Chuck Swindoll's Tribute to Billy Graham

In every season of human history, God has seen fit to raise up a man to take a powerful stand for Him. Evangelist Billy Graham has been God's man in our generation.

17 Jun 2014
NEWS BULLETIN: Station Update

As of 12th May 2014 Insight for Living at 19:30 through Premier Christian Radio cannot be heard. However, please note that you can continue to hear Insight for Living on Premier at 6:30, Monday to Friday.

17 Apr 2014
You Have Done Well to Share

I want to simply say thank you for your role in keeping our doors open! You would not be receiving this publication if you had not engaged with us in some way. Whether it’s a one-time or standing order donation; the purchase of a book, CD series, or MP3 download; a prayer for our ministry team; or perhaps an invitation for Terry Boyle to come and speak to your house group or church congregation…all of these things, we believe, were motivated by God’s urging you to care and to respond. For this we are very grateful. Please continue to pray and to respond as God leads.

16 Apr 2013
We’d Like to Visit Your Church

Why not invite Dr Terry Boyle, Pastor for Insight for Living UK, to your church or home group to share from God’s Word.

22 Jan 2013
Insight for Living UK Ministry Update, Winter 2013

I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from our listeners as we journey along uncertain paths. It’s been rather humbling. Clearly many people have recognised that without their support, we would not be able to carry on bringing messages of hope and salvation through the radio, web, and print.

14 Aug 2012
Imagine Chuck as Your House-Group Leader

Any football team would love to receive tips, personal instruction, and skill demonstrations from an experienced pro like Bobby Charlton. Well, now your house-group can get top-notch spiritual training from Chuck Swindoll—the Bobby Charlton of Bible teachers!

01 May 2012
Good News in Poland

Since July 2011, hundreds of thousands of listeners have had the opportunity to hear the messages of Chuck Swindoll in Polish. They are looking for a sense of security, peace, and stability—and Chuck talks about those aspects of daily life in a very convincing way.

01 Jan 2012
Insight for Living UK Ministry Update - Jan 2012

The past twelve months have been a time of consolidating the growth of previous years. Looking ahead, we are excited with all that God has in store for the ministry of Insight for Living UK. We continue to develop our strategy for how we can best teach and encourage people in the truth and application of God’s Word.

18 Oct 2011
October Is Pastor Appreciation Month . . . Send Your Pastor to Israel!

May I urge you to consider sending your pastor and his wife on the Insight for Living 2012 Israel Tour?

13 Sep 2011
Digital Switchover

You may have heard that television in the UK is going through a major change called the Digital Switchover. The existing analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with a new, stronger digital TV signal.

01 Aug 2011
Experience the Land and the Book

We’re thrilled that the DVD series and Bible Companion, "Experience the Land and the Book", are now ready for your personal study, small group, or Bible study class! Additionally, these videos may be downloaded from our Web site to your mobile device or computer.

14 Feb 2011
Crusing Alaska and the Mediterranean

Has the grind of life got you weary? Are you looking for an oasis, an opportunity to cool your heels and refresh your weary bones? On the long road of life, we all need opportunities to recharge our batteries, reconnect with family and friends, and reconsider the direction God has for our lives. This summer, two unique Insight for Living cruises will allow you to do just that...

18 Jan 2011
Letter from the Director - January 2011

One thing can be certain…with the passing of time Insight for Living UK keeps growing since opening an office in 2007. We are blessed to have friends who support our ministry efforts faithfully each month. This is critical to the charity to cover the fees radio stations charge us to broadcast God’s Word, and to provide ministry tools to those needing insight into the Scriptures.

14 Dec 2010
Glimpses of Christmas Around the World

This month, Insight for Living’s staff members around the world share what the gift of Christmas means in their corner of the globe. Though they express Christmas greetings in many languages, we can see the unity of the true gospel at work in and through them.

14 Dec 2010
Walking with You – December 2010 Insights Online

Once again I am pleased to be able to share some encouraging feedback from one of our listeners. A supporter from Durham recently emailed us to say...

11 Oct 2010
October 2010 Insights Online Prayer Requests

I would like to say “thank you” to those who faithfully pray for the ministry of Insight for Living UK. The team here in Surrey really do value your support in this way, and consider it a joy to pray for you as well.