Experience the Land and the Book DVD and Bible Companion Now Ready!

Experience the Land and the Book

When most people go to Jerusalem for the first time, they’re surprised to learn that the original city didn’t exist where the Old City walls and the Dome of the Rock stand today. Rather, Jerusalem sat on a small 10-acre finger of land just south of the Old City.

Just as the build-up of civilisation over the centuries obstructs our view of the landscape as it was in Bible times, the distance we experience in culture, language, and geography can hinder our understanding of the Bible itself. It’s easy to miss the connection between the land and the Book, costing us important biblical application. That’s why Insight for Living has been working for more than four years on a DVD series and Bible Companion that will help you experience the Bible’s land of promise as closely as possible to the way it really was in Bible times.

This unique set of DVDs (or downloadable videos) delivers a triple dose of perspective and insight. You’ll find:

  • Six messages by Chuck Swindoll delivered on-site in Israel—Bible-teaching right where the events of Scripture happened!
  • Introductions to each message that set the historical and geographical stage, expertly done by Dr Wayne Stiles, Insight for Living’s executive vice president and chief content officer in the USA. (Wayne even takes us up in a helicopter to view Israel’s landscape!)
  • Dramatic portrayals of biblical characters by gifted actor and Dallas Theological Seminary professor, Dr Reg Grant.

We’re thrilled that this DVD series and Bible Companion are now ready for your personal study, small group, or Bible study class! Additionally, these videos may be downloaded from our Web site to your mobile device or computer.


Lessons Your Small Group or Bible Study Class Will Love!

Lesson One: “Saul: A Study in Tragedy
In Beth-shan Theatre, Chuck Swindoll reflects on the life of one of the Bible’s greatest examples of failed potential: King Saul. You’ll also meet a valiant hero who played a significant role after Saul’s untimely death.

Lesson Two: “The Beatitudes: Lessons by a Lake
Overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Chuck teaches on the words that Jesus delivered at this spot—words that forever changed how people understood life. You’ll hear from a formerly demon-possessed guest whose life was completely altered by Jesus.

Lesson Three: “Releasing Our Burdens Beneath the Waves
Floating in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, Chuck recalls how the disciples were slow to completely trust in Jesus—just like us! A witness to Jesus’s miracle of feeding the 5,000 recalls his own involvement . . . and how it changed him.

Lesson Four: “When Jesus Stopped to Pray
On the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Chuck teaches on Jesus’s great intercessory prayer, and you’ll meet an old man who spent a lot of time in that area waiting for Jesus to arrive.

Lesson Five: “A Place for Pondering and Praise
So much history is packed into Jerusalem! You’ll meet a soldier who lived there in the time of King David, and at the Garden Tomb, Chuck reflects on the most critical weekend in history when Jesus died and rose again.

Lesson Six: “A Captive’s Call to Freedom
At Caesarea by the Sea, you’ll meet Agrippa I, who once ruled Israel. Then Chuck recalls when the apostle Paul was brought here on trumped-up charges and modelled a stellar defence of Christianity.