Good News in Poland

Good News in Poland

We’re on the air!

Since July 2011, hundreds of thousands of listeners have had the opportunity to hear the messages of Chuck Swindoll in Polish. After only a few weeks of broadcasts, I received numerous phone calls from listeners. But then a funny thing happened. I began to get calls at 2 a.m.! Apparently, because our programme was broadcast very late in the evenings, the listeners were convinced that I was in the studio during the broadcast. Believe me when I say, I had to be alert when my phone rang at all hours of the night. Thankfully, the time of the broadcast has been changed. Now, the phone only rings until midnight!

The listeners who call us have fallen in love with our programme. They started ordering sermon series on CD only three weeks after our first broadcast. So far, we have released three series of sermons on CD, all of which have been quite popular with our listeners. Many, however, cannot afford to buy these sermon series. You are already aware that the economic crisis in Europe is deeper and more troublesome than we have thought. Even though Poland performs well economically, average citizens still don’t experience the positive effects of the economic growth rates.

Economic troubles present just one reason why people—especially the young—are uncertain about what the future holds. Recently, Poland’s signing of ACTA (Internet piracy legislation) brought a wave of protests and anxiety. Young people objected strongly, expressing their discontent, believing their freedom on the Internet to be endangered. Political and economic life remains unstable and unreliable.

For these reasons, people have listened and responded to Chuck’s sermons with great enthusiasm. They are looking for a sense of security, peace, and stability—and Chuck talks about those aspects of daily life in a very convincing way. Adam Stepasiuk, a member of the Board of Directors for Insight for Living Poland, says: “Chuck’s messages are biblical and clear, filling a need in the Polish radio market. The messages present common problems in a precise way and give practical advice on how to deal with these problems. As a result, the listener grows spiritually!”

Being new to ministry in this country, Insight for Living Poland has needs. Currently, we broadcast on two radio stations; however, I am always searching for opportunities to broadcast our programme on more stations. In addition to the radio programme, our ministry prepares books for publishing. So far, we have enough material to publish two books in the Polish language: Hope Again and Insight’s New Testament Handbook. Regrettably, the cost of publishing one title currently exceeds our financial resources; the equivalent to one month’s budget of the entire Polish ministry! Please pray that God would creatively provide for these needs.

I am amazed and thankful for the positive attitude of our listeners toward the message of our programme. I thank God for our listeners’ openness and support. I wish I could fulfil their wishes and send them each a series of sermons on CD as a gift, because so many cannot afford them. Obviously, that is not possible. I pray our resources will accommodate the needs of those people who listen to Chuck’s sermons.

Chuck Swindoll in Polish! In some circles, that’s the happiest news of the last six months.


Written by Zygmunt Karel. Zygmunt graduated from Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Poland, where he earned master of theology and doctor of philosophy degrees. He currently serves as pastor of Insight for Living Poland, leading the ministry in its mission to communicate the truths of the gospel in a culturally relevant manner.