Insight for Living UK Ministry Update, Winter 2013

Insight for Living UK Ministry Update, Winter 2013

Happy New Year! As we launch out into 2013, I have been taking time to reflect on God’s goodness to us in the past, and look ahead with anticipation towards the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us. And I would love to share my thoughts with you.
Six years ago, the Lord led us to establish a ministry office in Surrey. From here we prepare daily and weekend broadcast material for the UK and Europe, provide pastoral care and prayer, and fulfil requests for resources that help people apply the Scriptures to their everyday lives.
When we opened our doors, the economic situation was very different. Insight for Living UK was operational for about a year and a half before chaos hit the economy and we all learned the word “austerity.” Many friends and supporters of this ministry lost their jobs, and had to cut back on their giving. Yet, the UK Charity continued to grow, with more and more people throughout the region becoming aware of our ministry efforts and expressing a desire to support them. I am so grateful for the sacrificial giving of so many people.
I am also thankful to Chuck and Cynthia Swindoll and the ministry team at Insight for Living USA, for their ongoing commitment and help in establishing our work in the UK and Europe. Their prayers for the people we serve, along with Chuck’s Bible teaching, have proven to be a real blessing.
Insight for Living USA invested a significant amount for us to carry out our ministry in the UK. They subsidised us to the tune of 65% (£366,175) for our first full financial year up to June 2008. Since then, thanks to the many people who have faithfully supported the UK ministry directly, and the hard work of our UK staff backed up by our dedicated UK board, we have managed to reduce this subsidy commitment to 46% (£231,518) by the end of June 2012.
However, as I reported in my October letter, donations have fallen behind for the USA ministry, such that we needed to plan for a further £33,420 reduction in the UK ministry subsidy. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from our listeners as we journey along uncertain paths. It’s been rather humbling. Clearly many people have recognised that without their support, we would not be able to carry on bringing messages of hope and salvation through the radio, web, and print. Nevertheless, I have had to make some difficult adjustments to our budget so that it could be balanced by 30th June 2013. Unfortunately, this entails some changes to services and cuts to ministry.

One of the changes you may have already noted, if you receive our posted edition of the Insights publication, is that it will be coming to you less often than in previous years. In an effort to save in printing and postal charges, we will now only post this publication in January, April, July, and October. Attention will be given to the Insights Online edition each month. If you received this article by email, you are already signed up. If you didn't receive this by way of email, I would highly encourage you to sign up today. It is easy to do! Just visit to register and tick the boxes for what emails you would like to receive straight to your email inbox from Insight for Living UK.

We are excited about some new cost-effective ventures that we hope can bring God’s Word to a generation hungry for the eternal nourishment that only Christ can bring. Recent reports suggest that more and more people are listening through the Internet, mobile phones, and other mobile technology. We want to meet people where they are and provide ways for everyone to listen to Chuck and Terry teach. So we need to find creative ways alongside radio to deliver God’s Truth. This month, we have launched an Insight for Living UK App, downloadable through iTunes or Android Market, which puts our teaching materials in the hands of those who don’t or won’t listen to radio. We are very excited about this new development.

We have also been increasing our activity through social media (Facebook and Twitter) where we have seen a significant response from people listening to the programme, but for whatever reason haven’t contacted us through telephone or post. Hopefully, these new ventures will help us to make an impact for Christ, using new, effective ways to deliver our biblical programmes, materials, and pastoral care.    

Finally, I’ve provided a breakdown of our income and expense during our latest completed financial year (July 2011 – June 2012). I will provide you all with a ministry summary of July 2012 – June 2013 in our autumn Insights edition in October 2013.

We are truly grateful for your support of this ministry as we help you and countless thousands apply the Bible to everyday life. Please continue to pray for an increase in charitable giving. With your help, and a healthy increase in regional donations, the Bible teaching you’ve come to rely on through Insight for Living UK will stand firm.

Scott B. Bean
Executive Director