Letter from the Executive Director - January 2011

Letter from the Director - January 2011

It is hard to believe that one more year has gone by and we’ve embarked on yet another! The passing of time never ceases to amaze me. Kirsty and I see it quite clearly in our children and marvel at their growth. Our eldest relishes in the realisation that he is now taller than his mother. Our youngest, who just turned six, has a different approach to time…denial. According to her, she is still five and doesn’t like being six. I suppose this isn’t unlike most adults and how they handle the passing of time!

One thing can be certain…with the passing of time Insight for Living UK keeps growing since opening an office in 2007. We are blessed to have friends who support our ministry efforts faithfully each month. This is critical to the charity to cover the fees radio stations charge us to broadcast God’s Word, and to provide ministry tools to those needing insight into the Scriptures.

Despite the blessings and increase we’ve had since opening our doors in Surrey, we need more help from those who benefit from our radio programme and ministry materials. How…you might ask? Here are some ideas for you to consider and pray about.

First, if you aren’t already a Monthly Partner, please prayerfully consider signing up to give a charitable contribution on a regular basis through a standing order agreement. If you are interested in becoming a Monthly Partner, please email our listener ministry team at information@insightforliving.org.uk or call 0800 9159364, and ask them to send you a Standing Order form to complete.

Second, if you’re unable to contribute regularly or if you’re giving already, perhaps you could become an advocate for Insight for Living UK by letting others know about the radio programme and ministry tools the ministry offers. One of the easiest ways to point people to Insight for Living UK is to ask your friends to visit our web site, www.insightforliving.org.uk.

Last, but certainly not least, I ask you to pray for us! Without prayer warriors lifting the staff and charity before the Lord in prayer regularly we would be much further away from meeting our commitment to excellence in the communication of biblical truth and its application.

My staff and I look forward to walking with you throughout 2011 and beyond.


Scott B. Bean
Executive Director