Walking with You – December 2010

Walking with You – December 2010 Insights Online

Once again I am pleased to be able to share some encouraging feedback from one of our listeners. A supporter from Durham recently emailed us to say:  

“Thank you for the work that you do to spread the Gospel of Christ in your radio broadcasts.  I have been listening to your daily radio broadcasts for some time and as a Bible believing Christian I find the way Chuck Swindoll preaches Biblical truth to be easy to follow, logical and clear.

I recently purchased Insight’s New Testament Handbook and I am finding it an instructive and useful overview of the New Testament as a whole and its component books.  I look forward to having the use of the Old Testament Handbook, which I have just ordered.

Thank you again and God bless your ministry.”

This is what it is all about, helping others know Christ and hear the Word of God preached in a manner that is “...easy to follow, logical and clear…”. If you would like to share how this ministry has encouraged you, please let us know. These testimonies of how God uses Insight for Living are a great encouragement to all of us, both staff and supporters just like you.

Glenn Pearson serves as Listener Ministry and Fulfilment Specialist for Insight for Living United Kingdom. His ministry involves daily assistance for Insight for Living listeners by providing answers to general questions about the charity and biblical resources available for purchase, as well as overseeing the receipt and fulfilment of all parcels and post for Insight for Living UK. Glenn also manages the charity’s prayer ministry; ensuring that your prayer requests are brought before the team in Surrey at our weekly prayer meetings.