JOB - A MAN OF HEROIC ENDURANCE - MP3 09 - Graceless Words for a Grieving Man

Graceless Words for a Grieving Man

Based on Chuck's best-selling book Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance, this series brings you into the very presence of this beleagured man. You will sit in sackcloth and ashes with him. You will endure his emotional pain when his family and fortunes are destroyed. You will feel his physical pain as he scrapes his festered skin with broken pottery. You'll hear his friends falsely accuse him. You'll hear God Himself question Job. And, finally, you'll see God restore Job's health, replenish his family, and double his former wealth.

The message of Job is clear: Sometimes life isn't fair. The only way to overcome it is by remaining faithful to the God who created us, no matter what.

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