Christ in Hebrews



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The Book of Hebrews is a bit of a mystery in certain ways. We don’t know who wrote it (but we have some strong guesses). We don’t know when it was written (but again, there are some clues). What we do know is that Hebrews presents Jesus Christ as simply the best. In all aspects of His person and ministry, Christ completes and surpasses everything that came before. Anything you might be tempted to worship, anything you might trust in for the future; Christ trumps them all. Why then, would anyone choose to settle for anything less? The writer of Hebrews explains that to consider doing such a thing makes no sense at all.

Messages in this series:

  1. A Better Messenger
  2. A Better Message
  3. A Better Guide than Moses
  4. A Better Rest than Canaan
  5. A Better Priest than Aaron
  6. A Warning to the Perpetual Babies
  7. The Difference Melchizedek Makes
  8. A Better Ministry
  9. A Better Way of Faith
  10. A Better Community of Faith

MP3 series of 10 messages

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