Christ through John’s Eyes



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Just glance through John’s Gospel and you will notice how different it is from the other three Gospels. Not different in its focus – they all show us the life of Jesus Christ on earth – but different in its perspective. The Christ we see through John’s eyes is warm and approachable, even funny at times, yet nevertheless a little mysterious and somehow unfathomable. The series, Christ through John’s Eyes, will look at Jesus in the Gospel of John; His works and His words as remembered and recorded by one of His closest friends.

Messages in this series:

  1. Philosopher’s Christmas
  2. The Baptiser’s Witness-Great Expectations
  3. First Followers-Recruitment Drive
  4. First Signs-Wine for the Wedding
  5. First Impressions-The Passionate Puzzler
  6. Transition-The Baptiser’s Wane
  7. Surprising Success in Samaria
  8. Gathering Credibility in Galilee
  9. A Most Unusual Miracle
  10. Who’s In Charge Here?
  11. A Big Picnic in Galilee
  12. Could Moses Have Done This?
  13. Bread from Heaven
  14. The Turning Tide at Tabernacles
  15. A Warrant and a Woman
  16. The Proud Men Who Couldn’t See Jesus
  17. The Humble Man Who Could See Jesus
  18. The Great Shepherd
  19. A Dangerous Truth
  20. The Final Sign-No Turning Back
  21. The King Comes to Town
  22. Necessary Attitude Adjustment
  23. Necessary Provisions
  24. Necessary Warnings
  25. Plain Talk
  26. A Simple Prayer?
  27. Kangaroo Courts with Jumpy Judges
  28. Dead and Buried!
  29. Not Buried and Not Dead!
  30. Famous Last Words-the Epilogue

MP3 series of 30 messages

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