Getting Through the Tough Stuff: It’s Always Something! Bible Companion


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Life is tough. It’s that simple. If you don’t agree, you haven’t lived long enough, because when we stop to think about the trials that life sends our way, it’s always something!

Despite our deep-seated and very natural desire for a trouble-free, happy, secure existence, Christians everywhere face family struggles, financial crises, debilitating diseases, and crushing disappointments. So what do you do when life gets so tough you think you can’t endure another minute?

If you’re feeling . . .SANDWICHED between aging parents who need your help and teenagers with demanding schedules; STRETCHED beyond your limits at work, trying to survive the next round of corporate downsizing; DAZED and emotionally bruised after your spouse walked out on the marriage you thought would last for a lifetime . . .

This Getting Through the Tough Stuff Bible Companion offers help and hope! Based on Chuck Swindoll’s characteristic insight, humour, and powerful yet gentle teaching style, this workbook delivers a strong message of encouragement, hope, faith, and the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. This practical resource will help you to get through the tough times of life.

Perfect for personal devotions, small-group Bible studies, and church curriculum, this Bible Companion offers special features including “Getting to the Root,” which explores biblical words and concepts, and “Taking Truth to Heart,” which guides you into personal reflection and application.

(204-page paperback Bible Companion)