Gospel Journeys, Volume 1: Old Testament Travels



People in the Bible were often seen to be on the move: Abraham from Ur to Canaan; his grandson Jacob down to Egypt; Jacob’s numerous descendants out of Egypt and back into Canaan. Hostages and deportees were moved from Judah to Babylon; returning then to rebuild a few generations later. Even the ministry of Jesus was far from static – He seemed to be moving around for much of the time. And of course the Apostles took on their own travels to bring the good news of Christ’s gospel to the known world.

The first volume of Gospel Journeys looks at just a few of the many important journeys that were traversed by God’s people. Even though they happened several hundreds of years before Christ was born, all of their movements help us to understand the ways of the One True God and the ministry of His Son, Jesus.

Messages in this series:

  1. People on the Move
  2. Abraham: Don’t Ask Questions, Just Go!
  3. Moses: Stop Making Objections, Just Go!
  4. Jonah to Ninevah: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

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