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Every good teacher knows that one of the best ways to get an idea across is to tell a story. The most effective stories use our own experiences and build on them to teach us something that we might otherwise have never understood. They take us on the journey from what we already know to what we didn’t know before. And Jesus is the master teacher when it comes to revealing truth through story. He used parables – some short, some quite long – to reveal to us the true ways of God. And each of the parables is a piece of a bigger picture: the panorama of God’s Kingdom.

Messages in this series:

  1. The Last Straw
  2. A Familiar Lesson
  3. Can the Kingdom Survive?
  4. Is It All Worth It?
  5. Tell Me about the Neighbours
  6. Getting Lost and Getting Found
  7. What Should I Do With the Money?
  8. While the Cat’s Away
  9. Forgiveness Is For Giving
  10. Dinner at My House – Everyone’s Invited!

MP3 series of 10 messages

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