Shaping the Modern Disciple: Lessons from Jesus’s Apostles


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How can imperfect people become devoted followers of Jesus? The answer lies in the pages of history—at the beginning of the church, when Jesus used a group of flawed, fearful men to spread the gospel and transform the world.

Are you broken and timid? God can use you! Discover the secret to discipleship with Shaping the Modern Disciple: Lessons from Jesus’s Apostles. Learn how to:

Spend time with Jesus to yield the greatest ministryTrust Him when trials threaten your faithSacrifice your time, treasures, and talents for the Lord’s useLive with authenticity and unity, allowing others to see the cracks in your life

The path of discipleship demands everything, but the reward is immeasurable: knowing God intimately. Let the stories of the men Jesus handpicked to live with Him and learn from Him encourage you to follow more faithfully and love more.

(112-page spiral bound book)