The Fellowship of the Forgiven



The Book of 1st John encourages us to find joy in our fellowship with one another and fellowship with God. The key is a clear understanding of the true Gospel, and this hinges on two essential ideas. The first idea is that mankind is sinful, in need of forgiveness. The second is that Christ is God, veiled in humanity so that He could die for humanity. If either of these ideas be ignored or denied, a false gospel arises. Today, as in John’s day, such false gospels abound. The church is to be on guard against teachers who would claim that mankind is destined for perfection in his own nature, or that Jesus was merely human in His own nature.

Messages in this series:

  1. Christ’s Tangible Life
  2. Life in the Shadows: Three Wrong Propositions
  3. The Signs of the Fellowship: Obedience
  4. The Signs of the Fellowship: Love
  5. The Signs of the Fellowship: Diligence
  6. The Fellowship is Family
  7. The Fellowship is Charity
  8. The Fellowship Shows Discernment
  9. The Fellowship Overcomes the World
  10. The Fellowship and Its Testimonies

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