The Gospel in Obadiah



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Obadiah may be the shortest book in the Old Testament, but it contains the powerful, thunderous boom of the mighty voice of God. Amid its 21 verses, we learn that the nation of Edom was contributing to his brother nation Israel’s shame when God brought His discipline. The Edomites joined in on the ransacking of Jerusalem and gloated over Israel’s destruction. But God saw the hubris of Edom and vowed righteous judgment upon their heads in a prophecy spoken directly to the people of Judah. Obadiah preached that the Day of the Lord will come upon all nations, and pointed to the need of a Savior who would bring peace to all nations. Obadiah is a book of warning for prideful scoffers, yet hope for the faithful.

This Obadiah Bible study addresses the issue that hope is not always easy to come by. There are times when it feels like God has abandoned us. So too was the case of the people of Judah. Where was God in all of their humiliation? God raised up the prophet Obadiah to bring comfort and hope to His people, as He is the God of comfort and hope. This full-colour Bible study will help any Sunday school class, small group, or individual learn the meaning of this ancient prophecy. See how the character of God is revealed throughout this short book and learn how the ongoing conflict between Judah and Edom points directly to the coming of Christ.

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