A Healthy Body: Characteristics of a Contagious Church



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Is your Church healthy? Ever wish you had diagnostic tool to gauge your church’s spiritual health?

Sadly, in an effort to reach our culture, many churches have drifted from their dependence on biblical truth. Like shores ravaged by storms, these churches erode against the sea of cultural relevancy. Communities of godliness devolve into centres of consumer-oriented entertainment, and pastors replace God’s nourishing Word with junk food.

In the midst of such spiritual famine, how can you know if your church is well fed? A Healthy Body: Characteristics of a Contagious Church can help you identify a biblical congregation. This book includes:

characteristics of a thriving, Christ-centred churchbiblical exposition that reveals Jesus Christ as the head, builder, and owner of His churchan easy-to-read format with practical applications for any congregation

This practical and powerful resource will help you plug into a healthy congregation and will show how the church can fulfil its purpose as determined by its originator, Jesus Christ.

(80-page paperback book)