STS Studies and Message Mates

Isn’t it satisfying to receive precious truths from God’s Word? It’s like eating a meal that’s tasty and nutritious! In fact, finding these truths from God’s Word is a lot like cooking. It’s a process that takes a bit of know-how, time, and practice. But it’s altogether thrilling and satisfying! Insight for Living Ministries wants to help you in your journey of becoming your own biblical chef. We create Searching the Scriptures Bible studies, like spiritual recipes, to accompany Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s sermon series and guide you through the Bible passages he addresses in each sermon.

These studies build upon the Bible-study principles Chuck teaches in his book, Searching the Scriptures: Find the Nourishment Your Soul Needs. Each STS Bible study introduces the passage, leads you in prayer, and then prompts you to:

  • observe the passage to see what the author wrote
  • interpret the passage to understand what the author meant
  • correlate the passage with other passages to enhance understanding
  • apply the passage to live out God's truth in practical ways

These downloadable PDFs enable you to type your answers directly into the document or you can print them if you prefer pen in hand. Since Searching the Scriptures Bible studies flow from Chuck’s messages, you can listen along in your study. Grow in your understanding of God’s Word and deepen your walk with Christ.

Current Series STS Bible Studies

The individual studies can be downloaded here, when you click each message.

The STS Bible-Study Workbooks for the complete Revelation - Unveiling the End, Acts 1-3 series can be purchased here now.