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Blind Loyalty Is Not Servanthood

You may remember the story of a young man named Christopher Edwards who became a helpless pawn in the hands of one of the New Age religious groups that first came on the scene in this country back in the 1970s. Edwards was so captivated by this insidious movement that he had to be kidnapped by his own family before there could be any hope of recovery.

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Free Ministry Resource

Grappling seriously with this simple question has paralysed even some of the most mature believers. This booklet will help you find and follow the rewarding path of God’s will.

Man with Many Names

Jesus easily stands as the most influential person in history. What did He say to grab people’s hearts the way He did? This page’s resources concentrate on the Man who spoke like none other.

Exalting Christ

John 15–21 walks us through our Lord’s last days on earth, which ushered Him toward His final victory over death. You’ll grow deeper in devotion to the One who bore your sin on the Cross.

I Have to Say Something

Sometimes we just can’t stay silent anymore when opposition to truth seems to reign. After praying for wisdom and boldness, Chuck Swindoll says it’s time to step in and speak up!

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