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His Word Is Final

God keeps His promises. It’s a major part of His immutable nature. He doesn’t hold out hope with nice-sounding words, then renege on what He said He would do. God is neither fickle nor moody. And He never lies.

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Run Your Race Wisely

Wise living doesn’t just happen. We must have the right balance of preparing, acting, and reflecting. This devotional helps you set your mind daily on God’s ways. Enjoy this deluxe leathersoft edition.

Rediscover the Wonder

Our Christmas page offers resources to help you see the nativity story through the eyes of the ordinary, everyday people whom God chose to involve—people who are a lot like you.

At Just the Right Time

God gave Joseph and Mary just the grace they needed for the next step forward. He supplies grace to us in the same way: not for next week or tomorrow, but for now. Read Chuck’s thoughts.

Gifts They Will Keep

Devotionals, spiritual classics, children’s books and DVDs, study Bibles and commentaries, faith-strengthening books . . . all of these biblically sound resources make great Christmas gifts!

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If you’ve never contacted us before, we have a welcome gift for you! Request your free gift, connect with Insight for Living UK, and learn more about our Bible-teaching ministry.

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