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Saul’s Disobedience

Saul’s disobedient actions involved at least three major errors. First, kings weren’t supposed to offer sacrifices on behalf of the community. Kings could offer sacrifices for themselves, but never for the nation.

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Two Books for Our Times

Draw courage from God’s promises of peace and protection in the book Take Cover. And learn how God’s unmatchable grace works in us and through us in Insights on Galatians, Ephesians.

praying hands on Bible. link to article on prayer

Guilt-free Words on Prayer

Jesus made three strong statements on prayer (all of them negative) in His Sermon on the Mount. Pastor Chuck urges us to follow them also for a satisfying, God-honouring prayer life.

Complete commentary set

The Set Is Complete!

Pastor Chuck’s must-have, 16-volume New Testament Commentary set is now complete. Benefit from Chuck’s more than 50 years of studying and preaching God’s Word and his familiar warmth.

A Model Prayer

Like Breathing In and Out

How automatic is prayer in your life? Pastor Chuck Swindoll gives us a shining example of someone whose life was immersed in prayer, day and night.

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