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GENESIS 21 gives the account of a man whose previous sin now haunts him and harms the people he loves. The birth of Abraham’s long-awaited heir, Isaac, gave him and Sarah great joy, but their delight became tinged with regret.

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An End-times Study

Our new spiral-bound workbooks will enhance your understanding of Revelation, Acts 1–3 using Searching the Scriptures Bible-study notes. Strengthen your hope for the future as you study.

A Grandparent’s Influence

Grandparents have a unique opportunity to encourage and mentor using wisdom gained across decades. If you’re already in that role or soon will be, you’ll enjoy these reflections and resources.

How to Age Well

Do you want to know how not to grow old? Pastor Chuck not only answers that but He reminds us of what God wants us to focus on in our remaining years. The Lord has a purpose for us.

What They Won’t Forget

If you were the curator of your museum of family memories, what would it contain? Pastor Chuck gives specific ways to ensure the generations that follow you will treasure these important memories.

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