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Genuine Humility

There’s something very authentic in Paul’s humility. Over and over we read similar words in his writings. I’m convinced that those who were instructed face-to-face by the man became increasingly more impressed with the living Christ and less impressed with Paul.

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March Forward with Us

The Great Commission gives Jesus’ non-negotiable marching orders for every believer. No one gets a pass. Your fiscal year-end gift shows us you take these orders seriously.

Can We Know God?

Do you know about God, but you're not sure that you know Him personally? Find answers to that question, and, if you are a believer, find help in sharing your faith with others.

This Is Your Mission

Jesus gave his 11 disciples a clear mission: proclaim the gospel in all the world in the power of the Spirit. Chuck Swindoll teaches us how that mission applies to us today.

Is Chuck Retiring?

Watch this short video to hear Chuck Swindoll’s thoughts about retirement. Also learn what is the driving force of his life and how you can become a direct part of it today.

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