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God Is Ever Near

All right, so God knows me and controls me (Psalm 139:1–6); He can do that at a distance, through millions and millions of light years of space. But is He near? According to Psalm 139, David’s song about the amazing attributes of God, yes.

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Transformed by Grace

Chuck Swindoll and his daughter Colleen openly share their reframing journeys. This CD set contains parts of their conversation not aired in the broadcast.

As Sparks Fly Upward

Much of life's music is played in a minor key. We all face the knotty problem of persistent, unending troubles. This month’s free MP3 addresses these heavy issues head-on.

Following Christ

With His words, Jesus expressed the nature of God. The scenes recorded in John 6–14 portray a beautiful balance of Jesus’ humanity and divinity. The Bread of Life can feed your hungry soul.

A Permanent Handrail

When crisis shakes you all the way to your foundation, this page can steer you toward the truths you embraced before the crisis. Our unchanging God still offers the hope you need.

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