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Anchor of Reality

All those going through a storm need to be engaged in the process. No one is promised a magical escape clause. Passivity is faith’s enemy. It isn’t an acceptable option to fold our arms and wait for the storm to pass.

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An End-times Study

These new spiral-bound workbooks dive deeply into the study of Revelation, Acts 1&2 using our Searching the Scriptures Bible study notes. Strengthen your hope for the future as you study.

Take the Stress Out of It

Money can be a stressful, sensitive subject. Did you know that Jesus spoke a lot about it? Our Stewardship page can help you wisely manage all the gifts and talents God has bestowed on you.

The Path to Godly Joy

A truly joyful Christian tends to get our attention. We want more of what they have! But joy isn’t a matter of getting but a matter of giving. Read Pastor Chuck’s thoughts on joyful generosity.

A Sure Sign of Faith

How would you define “generosity”? In this thoughtful article, Pastor Chuck reflects on the strong faith and generosity of his brother, Orville, which led him to trust Jesus to meet his family's needs.

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