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Solomon was a straight shooter. I find that rather refreshing in our day of vague definitions and bold rationalizations. The words you just read are timeless and no less relevant today than when the ink was still wet. The battle against lustful temptations hasn’t declined in the millennia since the wise, fatherly king warned his own children. In fact, we could make the case that temptations are far more numerous today.

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December resource: Good Morning, Lord . . . Can We Talk?

Insights for Each Day

In these hard times we’re in, it’s more crucial than ever to start each day hearing God’s perspective before we hear the world’s. Pastor Chuck’s year-long devotional book is the perfect go-to in 2022.

Christmas topical page: Celebrate the birth of Immanuel

Real Event, Real People

Our Christmas page helps you see the nativity story in a fresh light, through the eyes of the ordinary, everyday people whom God chose to involve—people who are a lot like you.

Christmas gifts

For All Ages and Levels

Gourmet coffee, kids books and DVDs, devotionals, journals, study Bibles and commentaries, faith-stretching books . . . all of these biblically sound resources make great Christmas gifts!

God with us

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Sometimes our gnawing, spiraling thoughts cause us to lose hold of truths we thought we would never forget. Let Pastor Chuck Swindoll remind you of a basic, but crucial, one today.

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