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Careful, Don’t Stumble

NOTHING DAMAGES OUR DIGNITY LIKE STUMBLING! I have seen people dressed to the hilt stumble and fall flat on their faces as they were walking to church. I’ve done it myself, hoping no one was watching. I’ve watched a sure and winning touchdown by a running back foiled by a stumble. I’ve watched brides and grooms stumble in unison . . . shoppers stumble in stores . . .

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March resources

Faith on Display

Having faith and putting it to practice daily are two different things, aren’t they? These resources show how the life of faith is radically opposite to cultural norms and bound to be noticed!

Marriage topical page

Until Death Do Us Part

Whether you’re just about to tie the knot, know someone who is, or need a new spark in your own marriage, we have the resources to help you pass the inevitable tests of time.

Sunday to Sunday

An Easter Devotional

Request Sunday to Sunday: A Pictorial Journey Through the Passion Week and view stirring photos of scenes of the Passion Week that help you relive the depth and passion of Easter.

Video Insight: Life Is Not Fair

But That’s Not Fair!

It’s natural for us to want to be treated fairly by others and to see others receive what they deserve. Pastor Chuck Swindoll reminds us of what the Bible says when life doesn’t seem fair.

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