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The Gift of Labor

Many people live under the impression that work is a curse. Some even attempt to quote Scripture to support their position that work is the sad consequence of Adam’s fall in the garden of Eden. Wrong! Before sin ever entered the world, before Adam’s disobedience subjected the world to the consequences of sin, and when total innocence still prevailed,

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Featured Resource: Joseph book

Who Forgives Like That?

While it may be an endearing rags-to-riches story, what really stands out to us about the life of Joseph is his character. This book on Joseph’s life also inspires certain changes in our own.

Leadership topic

Do You Lead Others?

On our Leadership page, learn what forms the foundation of successful Christian leadership through media resources that help you lead with character, vision, and courage.

Steady Resolve--Letter from Chuck

Obey for the Long Haul

Why is Noah’s life a fitting one to ponder as we begin a new year? Pastor Chuck describes Noah’s calling as one very similar to what we may face in 2022. Read these thoughts by Chuck.

Video Insight: Doing Right

Actions Speak Loudest

Do you spend a lot of time surrounded by those who don’t know Christ? Here’s what Chuck Swindoll says will be sure to win the world’s attention more than anything else.

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