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Tangled in the Tangibles

When Paul was rejected, he didn’t quit. As my good friend and wise mentor, Howie Hendricks, often says, “Where there’s light, there are bugs!” The brighter Paul’s light, the more the bugs.

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He’s Above It All

The workbook dives deeply into the study of Revelation, and the other book steels you for whatever crisis is coming your way. Both of them anchor your hope in our God who controls the future.

It’s All in Your Mind

Engrained feelings of worry can reflect years of coping techniques and ancestral patterns that aren’t reversed quickly. But God’s Spirit transforms minds as we submit our thoughts to God’s Word.

Rest in This Divine Pledge

After losing someone very dear to you, an undercurrent of grief can bring lingering moments of sadness. At those times, Pastor Chuck wants to assure us of this one eternal promise.

Guard Your Thoughts

It's possible to replace fearful, debilitating anxiety with assuring truths from God's Word. Find helpful guidance in this article for overcoming isolation and kick-starting peace-filled living.

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