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The Value of Confidentiality

CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Can you? Be honest, now. When privileged information passes through one of the gates of your senses, does it remain within the walls of your mind? Or is it only a matter of time before a leak occurs? When the grapevine requests your attention from time to time, do you refuse to help it climb higher

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Simple Faith and Matthew commentaries

A Faith That Stands Out

When Jesus taught on faith, the crowds were amazed. Study His words through these resources and learn about a life of faith radically opposite to cultural norms and bound to be noticed!

Theology topic

Know What You Believe

How important it is for believers in Christ to know what we believe and why we believe it! Take time, on this page, to learn the essential truths of our faith so you can connect more deeply to God.

Free MP3

Don’t Judge Me!

Judging others comes as easily to us as breathing, doesn’t it? Study Matthew 7:1–5 in this free MP3, and let the words strike at your heart to bring to an end the unattractive sin of judging.

Video Insight: Not Shallow

Wade into the Deep End

How many attributes of God can you describe? In this month’s Video Insight, Chuck Swindoll encourages us to deepen our understanding of God.

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