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The Physics of Tranquility

Worry is one of our more acceptable character faults, right alongside gluttony and perfectionism. After all, everybody worries, and no one quite knows how to stop. Furthermore, the primary victim of worry is the worrier, so it seems harmless enough. But worry is serious business. It not only causes a number of significant physical ailments, but worry can also trigger serious emotional problems

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Fault Lines book

Clarity on Today’s Issues

How does the gospel relate to racial and social justice issues? Does the Bible address them? Should the church take them on? Fault Lines offers the clarity we need to engage sensitively.

Anger Topical Page

What Makes Us So Mad?

In the times we live in, anger may be the emotion we see expressed around us most. Learning what’s behind our anger helps us unlock underlying emotions and work through conflict.

Who is This Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

The questions asked centuries ago by people who saw and heard Jesus are the same ones asked today: Why did He come? What did He teach? How can I connect with Him? Learn the answers.

Watch Your Tongue Video Insight

Watch Your Tongue

Have you spoken words in anger you’d give anything to take back? Do you clearly remember harsh words spoken to you years ago? Chuck Swindoll talks about the tongue.

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