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NOT LONG AGO I was reading through Psalm 78 when my eye fell upon verse nine. I was intrigued by the strange stroke of the psalmist’s pen. See if you get the same vibes: The warriors of Ephraim, though armed with bows, turned their backs and fled on the day of battle. Like foxes hunted by hounds, they ran. The only weapon they used to restrain the enemy was a cloud of dust they stirred up as they retreated en masse, in a hurry, while “armed with bows.”

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In these hard times we’re in, it’s more crucial than ever to start each day hearing God’s words and perspective before we hear the world’s. Both of these resources make it easy to do so..

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The Times We Live In

Are you alarmed at the way the world’s standards are changing? Pastor Chuck Swindoll helps you identify what’s really happening and how to react to it with proper discernment and direction.

For All Ages and Levels

Gourmet coffee, kids books and DVDs, devotionals, journals, study Bibles and commentaries, faith-stretching books . . . all of these biblically sound resources make great Christmas gifts!

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A Cheerful Heart

Know someone you always love to be around and whose presence lifts your spirit? Learn from Chuck Swindoll what contagious quality that person is modelling.

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