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God’s Incomparable Word

As David considers the impact of God’s written communication in the second section of Psalm 19, he’s prompted to appraise the value of Scripture. He uses two illustrations for the purpose of comparison: 1. Gold . . . fine gold (19:10). As the king of Israel, David knew the value of gold. He had plenty of it! And, like today, it was considered among the most precious of possessions.

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This Month's Resource

Feed This to Your Soul

What if we spent as much effort feeding our soul as we do our body? This 30-day devotional gets you off to a great start as it combines Scripture, growth tips, and words from Pastor Chuck.

End Times topical page

Earthquakes, Famine, War

Chaos is on the rise. Does that mean Jesus is coming soon? Our End Times page has resources to help you separate the solid truths of the Bible from knee-jerk reactions to current events.

Free MP3: Delivered Up to Be Crucified

A Death He Signed Up For

The most grisly spectacle of the ancient world was to see someone crucified. It would horrify us today. But only when we face the facts of Jesus’ death can we fully appreciate the price paid for us.

Video Insight: Learn from Your Experiences

Try, Try Again 

What keeps you from trying something new and different? Afraid you’ll blow it and have to start over? Pastor Chuck Swindoll claims that may not be the worst outcome after all.

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