About Insight for Living Ministries

Our Mission

Insight for Living Ministries is committed to excellence in communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear, and practical manner so that people will come to an understanding of God’s plan for their lives, as well as their significant role as authentic Christians in a needy, hostile, and desperate world.

Our Ministries

How do we fulfil this mission? Since 1979, the Insight for Living radio broadcast, with its extensive national and international reach, has been the ministry’s major vehicle in teaching the truths of Scripture and for presenting a message of genuine hope and encouragement to a worldwide audience.

The broadcast is the initial step in our mission to teach the Bible, proclaim the Gospel of Christ, mentor and train international pastors and ministers, and provide uplifting messages from the Scriptures that touch the hearts of our listeners around the world. Insight for Living Ministries is also committed to walking alongside our listeners after the broadcast ends, by providing biblically trained pastoral care support, prayerful encouragement, Searching the Scriptures studies, gift books, MP3s, and much more.

If you have a few more moments, please take a more in-depth look at some of the behind-the-scenes support ministries devoted to serving our listeners.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team is available to help meet the spiritual needs of listeners. Our support includes a ministry of prayer, comfort, spiritual direction, instruction to promote growth in Christ, and encouragement to seek fellowship in a local church. Biblical advice is available to listeners who call our phone line, or who contact us by letter or e-mail.

International Ministries

Insight for Living Ministries desires that all people know the truth found in God’s Word. Our ministry calls this passion Vision 195—our hope that individuals in all 195 countries of the world can hear, read, and understand Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s biblical teaching and be ministered to in their heart language. People of all walks of life and languages are desperate for truth that provides genuine hope and encouragement that can only come through Christ. To meet that need, the ministry has theologically trained pastors in many countries. It also has Dallas Theological Seminary graduates and interns at our international headquarters in Frisco, Texas. These pastors and interns work to ensure that our content is presented in an accurate, clear, and practical manner, all the while offering hope and real-life applications to the lives of people everywhere. We currently minister in Arabic, English, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish. Our international-language ministries offer broadcasts on more than 1,000 stations, language-specific Web sites, as well as provide many printed publications.

One of the strengths of our international ministries is that our pastors live, work, and minister in many of these 195 countries, so Chuck’s heart for preaching and teaching God’s Word and offering the hope of the gospel can be expressed locally. This allows these pastors to lead local churches, mentor young pastors, and provide pastoral care in person. Dr Terry Boyle serves in this capacity in the UK office. For more information on Insight for Living’s international ministries, visit vision195.com. If you would like to hear one of our international broadcasts, visit insightworld.org.

Web Ministries

A Christian ministry with an international emphasis must realise what an increasingly powerful ministry tool the Internet has become and will continue to be in the future. We desire to offer our worldwide listeners and supporters instant, round-the-clock, and convenient access to a wide variety of biblical media resources that can only be made available through the Web. Our Web staff seeks to offer you an easily navigable Web site where you can find help on specific issues and questions and where you can access both current and past messages from the Insight for Living broadcast. We also send out timely and relevant e-mail updates to those who have requested them, as well as Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s daily devotional. Our Web site is constantly expanding with new products, articles, blogs, and topical sites, so browse through our various pages often.

Paws & Tales Children’s Radio Programme

Every journey has a starting point, and Paws & Tales is a perfect place for nursery and early primary-school-age children to begin their lifelong walk with God. This engaging series from Insight for Living Ministries captures the hearts of kids through characters they love and situations they can relate to. With sound biblical teaching, a foundation of faith and truth is set. While each story stands alone as a valuable lesson for children, the series works as a whole to help them form a firm spiritual foundation.

Conferences & Tours

Refreshing relationships, biblical teaching, and spiritual renewal form the foundation of Insight for Living Ministries’ Conferences and Tours. For almost three decades, Insight for Living Ministries has invited special people just like you to enjoy life-changing and relationship-building experiences around the world. We’ve taken expeditions to locations such as Israel and Europe, as well as chartered stunning, spiritually uplifting, and educational cruises in places such as Alaska, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, and other breath-taking parts of God’s creation. In fact, Chuck and Cynthia Swindoll love these occasions because they afford them choice opportunities to meet you in person and share their passion for God’s Word and the nations with a very personal touch. Travel with us and you will experience our passion first-hand—helping you deepen your walk with the Lord and widen your heart for this wonderful world He has called all of us to reach for Him.

Living Bridge Media

In June 1996, the Insight for Living Ministries board of directors in the USA voted unanimously to establish an in-house media agency to serve as a liaison between radio stations and the ministry. As a result, Living Bridge Media has become the production, marketing, and syndication arm of Insight for Living Ministries. With our state-of-the-art recording studio, we provide significant financial savings to the ministry and greatly enhance our ability to communicate effectively with listeners. We take Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s sermons and incorporate the necessary technical edits into the production of the master recordings. We cut each sermon into two or three broadcasts and use portions of the previous day’s message to recap for the days that follow. The announcements that follow the sermon are recorded and assembled where there is a regional office, and then the entire programme is distributed to radio stations via the Internet. We also make the retail version of Chuck’s complete messages available in compact disc and MP3 formats.

Customer Service

Other than the Insight for Living radio broadcast, Customer Service serves as the main voice and ears of the ministry because this is the department that answers the phones and opens the incoming post. Each month, we receive an average of over 50 phone calls and 75 pieces of post. Our work volume tracks closely with the Insight for Living radio broadcast, with more calls received right after the series ends, on days with special offers, and on days when certain popular subjects, such as marriage or parenting, are addressed by Pastor Chuck Swindoll. Our representatives are well versed in the content of the broadcast so they can respond to listeners’ questions. We work as a team and uplift one another—as well as our listeners—through faithful prayer and encouragement.

Creative Ministries

The Creative Ministries department is responsible for the content of all material published by Insight for Living Ministries via print and electronic media. The goal of all of our content is to teach and encourage the spiritual growth of individuals. We ensure that all written communications embody the theology and the ministry-focused priority of Insight for Living Ministries, including all teaching material, newsletters, Web content, promotional copy, marketing copy, product descriptions, and direct communications with listeners (with the exception of individual correspondence). Our seminary-trained writers who work in our international headquarters, with the help of our editors, develop spiritually challenging, creative, interesting, and effective Bible study resources that equip churches (pastors, counsellors, and teachers) as they equip saints and evangelise the world around them. We also seek to develop culturally relevant material that assists believers in responding to challenges made to the truths of God’s Word.

Reframing Ministries

When we commit our lives to Christ, we automatically enter the process of reframing—allowing God to transform our lives as He wills. Transformation is a lifelong endeavour. Most of us are challenged with the reframing process when life’s circumstances become enormously difficult, incredibly painful, and deeply wounding . . . in part because we cling to our limited human viewpoints, plans, and wants. But God allows suffering, often for a purpose we cannot see. By embracing the reframing process during times of suffering, our faith can grow deeper and our purpose become clearer.

The reframing process includes carefully evaluating our current beliefs and aligning them with what is biblically right and true. It involves changing our habits and thoughts, and seeking support as we form new ones. Reframing includes learning to live as Christ lived—surrendered to our Father’s will, accepting His ways, and following His Word.

Reframing Ministries offers help and hope in times of suffering, loss, grief, or change. Most often, we discover the greatest purposes and passions for our lives when we allow our loving, good God to reframe us.