Grieve as one with hope

The death of a loved one can sneak up on you and surprise you unaware. Other times, you may know it’s coming and have time to prepare for it. Either way, the result is the same…the outcome is final. That person you love is now missing from your life. Jesus assured us in John 11:25–26 of eternal life in heaven for all those who belong to Him. Those comforting words give us hope for the future…but in the short term, grief can feel overwhelming.

It’s possible you may even be reeling from the aftereffects of someone who chose to take his or her own life. If so, you may be dealing with anger toward the one you miss so much, as well as struggling with many lingering, unanswered questions.

The following resources can help you make it through these dark seasons. You can be assured that Jesus Christ will never leave you. He sees every tear and hears every desperate cry, and His love and comfort are everlasting.

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