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A Forgotten Hero

The transformation is stunning. Saul, no doubt with blood stains still on his garment from Christians he had tortured, now stood with arms outstretched announcing, “I’m here to testify to you that Jesus is the Messiah, God’s Son.”

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Stay in the Word

A successful church will be one grounded in the Word of God, with people who love to study it. These books support that vision and give principles to spur you toward that goal.

Terror, Famine, War

Chaos is on the rise. Does that mean Jesus is coming soon? Our End Times page has resources to help you separate the solid truths of the Bible from knee-jerk reactions to current events.

It’s All in His Hands

What do you do when your world becomes hectic, noisy, and fearful? Pastor Chuck gives us solid truths to remember during these caustic times. Never forget who has full authority!

Praise His Name!

The act of worship can be hard to define at times. So, with the help of Psalm 150, Pastor Chuck breaks down some of the elements of worship and what it does and does not include.

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