A Life Well Lived: Discover the Rewards of an Obedient Heart



We’ll never earn our salvation. Christ never expected us to.

The Creator never intended us to be burdened by constant guilt, shame, and fear. In A Life Well Lived, Charles Swindoll provides a poignant and inspirational message from the book of Micah that frees Christians from unscriptural notions of failure and shows the rewards of an obedient heart.

Rather than focusing on the “Checklist Christianity” that misses God’s message of redemption, Swindoll encourages us to embrace the fullness of our Creator’s love. Leave the shackles of second-guessing behind forever and embrace God’s grace with A Life Well Lived.

“What honours the Lord is a heart that beats in the same rhythm as His, a spirit that values the same qualities that define Him. He wants people who do what’s right, who love kindness, and who walk humbly with Him. Do as He says, and you will not only honour the Lord you love, you will live life well.”

(106-page paperback book)