Divorce & Remarriage According to Jesus



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The tempests of life can wreak havoc on marriage. Like a tornado ripping an oak tree out of the earth by its roots, a storm of adultery, abandonment, abuse, or apathy can tear a marriage from its biblical bedrock.

When facing marital pain, many Christians are unsure about God’s answers to life-altering questions regarding marriage and divorce.

How can a Christian cope with a destructive or compromised marriage?When does the Bible permit divorce?Who may remarry with God’s blessing?

In this booklet, pastor and Bible teacher Charles R. Swindoll offers a biblically uncompromising and compassionate perspective on divorce and remarriage. Based on five decades of pastoral ministry and seasoned by more than 50 years of commitment to his wife, Cynthia, Chuck provides sound guidance to those facing tough choices.

Anyone contemplating divorce, enduring the end of a marriage, or hoping to marry again cannot afford to make a decision without clear direction from God’s Word. This booklet will provide hope and support in the midst of chaos.

(40-page paperback booklet)