Heroes and Heretics: Solving the Modern Mystery of the Ancient Church



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As a Bible-believing Christian, do you know what happened to the church after the apostle John lifted his pen from the last word of Revelation? Church history may be interesting to a few and boring to most, but is it really relevant in today’s post-modern world? After all, if we have the inerrant Word of God at our fingertips, is there any reason why we need to know the history of the church? Yes!

With current attacks on the origin of Scripture and the tradition of orthodoxy, we need to be prepared to answer these critical questions. Insight for Living is equipping believers and meeting these contemporary challenges head-on with our new Issues and Answers collection. Our first volume, Heroes and Heretics: Solving the Modern Mystery of the Ancient Church, is a straightforward resource that offers you a crash course in the most crucial years of the church – those of its formation. Read through the uncomplicated pages of this simple, concise guide and discover what every believer should know about the early church . . . and why. Don’t let novelists and unbelieving scholars take advantage of your unawareness. Together, let’s solve the “modern mystery” of the ancient church and fill the gap that critics hope to muddle.

(64-page paperback book)

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