Hope Again: When Life Hurts and Dreams Fade Bible Companion


Suffering . . . temptation . . . injustice . . . despair. Life often feels like a series of slaps in the face, when the last thing we want to do is keep going. Even “baby steps” look like giant leaps and “one day at a time” seems to drag on and on. How can we experience the abundant life and the fruit of the Spirit when we’re pummeled by the pain and suffering of a fallen world?

The Hope Again Bible Companion unites the timeless words of the apostle Peter and the timely wisdom of Charles Swindoll to bring you hope even in the midst of the most challenging trials:

When the worries of life and uncertainties of the future quash your joyWhen you’re reeling under Satan’s attacks and temptationsWhen life just isn’t fair and you suffer injustice at the hands of the godlessWhen your marriage or family life appears to be fading True hope can illuminate even the deepest crevices of despair.

This classic study of 1 Peter will turn your whole mindset away from pop psychology and “me-centered” theology to the true hope that comes through trusting Jesus Christ—who alone can give us reason to hope again.

(1x 208-page paperback Bible Companion)