Isn’t It Risky to Embrace Grace?



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Romans 6:1–15; Galatians 5:13–14

Pushed to its logical end, an improper emphasis on the grace of God can result in grace being taken advantage of. At such a moment, there are some in the family of God who truly believe in Christ and, as a result, are justified by faith, yet they choose lifestyles that do not square with Scripture. If and when those believers are asked, “Why do you . . .?” and “How can you . . .?” they usually use the word grace somewhere in their answers. Such rationalisation cheapens the correct meaning of grace. God never extended His favour toward us so we might misappropriate the freedom it brings. Nevertheless, with human nature being what it is, we can be sure there will always be a few who abuse a good thing. This will cause some to deemphasise grace and overemphasise law. Let’s clarify and analyse this tension, remaining careful not to allow the abuse of a few to diminish the message of grace.

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