It’s Time to ‘Restore the Years’


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Ezekiel 33:30–33; Amos 8:11–12; Joel 2:21–27

Churches are struggling to find their identities. Pastors, who once understood their responsibility and the roles they were called to fill, have ignored the scriptural guidelines and chosen to walk a different path. This has left congregations unsure of themselves, biblically illiterate, and starving for spiritual direction. The bold proclamation of God’s Word that once characterized influential evangelical pulpits has been replaced with shallow and sometimes silly substitutes designed to entertain listeners rather than convict of sin, feed the soul, and equip the believer for a deeper walk and sacrificial service. It’s as if a plague of locusts has invaded, resulting in a famine across the land. It’s time to “restore the years” that the locusts have eaten.

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