LISTENER FAVOURITES, VOLUME 2: Wisdom for Home and Work, MP3 Set


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Keeping harmony with your grown-up kids isn’t easy. Then there’s your boss. And then there’s the nagging guilt that lingers after you’ve wounded someone you love. The Bible offers practical help for both home and work.

If you want to face each day armed with godly wisdom, then this CD series from Chuck Swindoll is for you. Listener Favourite’s, Volume 2: Wisdom for Home and Work can help you develop the insight you need to face life’s daily challenges.

Individual messages in this series:

“Shaping the Will with Wisdom” from the series Biblical Parenting“Suggestions for Parenting Grown-Up Kids” from the series Biblical Parenting“What to Do When You’ve Blown It” from the series Biblical Parenting“Wise Words for Busy People” from the series Living on the Ragged Edge“Putting Wisdom to Work” from the series Living on the Ragged Edge“The Qualities of a Good Boss” from the series Living on the Ragged Edge

(6 MP3 messages for download)

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