Listener Favourites, Volume 2: Wisdom for Home and Work


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What do you spend most of your time doing? Ask a wide range of people, and two answers would inevitably rise to the surface: parenting and working. With so much time and energy devoted to these two areas, we need to take extra care to think well about what it means to be a good parent and how we can best serve as a good worker. These six messages from Chuck Swindoll take us to the heart of life as a parent and as a worker. Addressing issues such as shaping the wills of our children, seeking forgiveness from kids when we’ve failed them, and infusing our work with wisdom, this series will prove to be a vital help on the journey toward making all our moments count for Christ.

Messages in this series:

  1. “Shaping the Will with Wisdom” from the series Biblical Parenting
  2. “Suggestions for Parenting Grown-Up Kids” from the series Biblical Parenting
  3. “What to Do When You’ve Blown It” from the series Biblical Parenting
  4. “Wise Words for Busy People” from the series Living on the Ragged Edge
  5. “Putting Wisdom to Work” from the series Living on the Ragged Edge
  6. “The Qualities of a Good Boss” from the series Living on the Ragged Edge

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