Living Right in A Wrong World


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Selections from 1 John

When the apostle John finally sat down to gather his thoughts and express his convictions on parchment, he was an old man. So much had changed since he had walked with Jesus as one of the original Twelve. Those simple yet powerful three-plus years John spent with Jesus were followed by six long and painful decades. Erosion had set into the life of the church. The newness of fresh faith had begun to wane, now that the church was in the hands of second- and third-generation Christians. A subtle, lethargic boredom had replaced the excitement modeled by those early followers of Jesus. The first thrill was over . . . the hot flame of devotion reduced to a flicker. In a setting like that, the subtle seeds of heresy are easily sown and quickly grown. Cults feed off complacent churches, where dynamic enthusiasm is replaced by ho-hum indifference. Tragically, that is exactly what was happening to the church in John’s day—and that is precisely what led him to write this letter. He hoped to revive his younger readers to return to an authentic, contagious walk with Christ. His message was relevant then and remains vital today. Let’s hear it and heed it!

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