Meeting God in Familiar Places


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Your favourite pair of jeans, an old family recipe, the Big Dipper: it’s the familiar things that provide comfort and continuity in our lives. Familiarity is precious . . . until we lose our appreciation of it.

It’s easy to see a view so often that we forget to be in awe. Children who spend hours staring at constellations can become adults who forget to glance up. The same can be true of the Bible stories we’ve heard since childhood. Sure, we know the stories—can even quote many of them—but we may have forgotten to be in awe of them. But delving into familiar Bible passages can unveil fresh wonders. The deeper we go, the more we find we have yet to discover. Meeting God in Familiar Places will help you rediscover God in His intimacy, His majesty . . . and His awesomeness.

Messages in this series:

  1. God’s Sovereignty in Daniel 4
  2. God’s Comfort in Psalm 23
  3. God’s Love in Romans 8
  4. God’s Peace in Philippians 4
  5. God’s Blessings in Matthew 5
  6. God’s Promise in Isaiah 9
  7. God’s Gift in Luke 2
  8. God’s Presence in Joshua 1


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