Our Amazing Bible Passport


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Historians have tried to write it off. Archaeologists have attempted to bury it. Scientists have denied its plausibility. No other book has had more scrutiny than the Bible. But not only does God’s Word stand firm in the face of criticism, it remains the most purchased and most influential book of all time. There’s a reason.

Our Amazing Bible Passport explains what makes the Word of God so astonishing. This passport will show you:

  • The Bible’s unique message of grace that separates it from all other literature
  • The surprising number of fulfilled prophecies and what difference they make
  • How 66 books by 40 authors written over 1500 years share the same message

The Bible is no ordinary book! Those who have experienced God’s Word can attest: its impact is undeniable. This passport will show you why.

(40-page paperback booklet)

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