Releasing Worry and Finding Worth as a Woman


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Worry has a way of creeping into our lives . . . and little by little, chipping away at our confidence and stealing our joy. And in our culture, that’s especially true for women. We live in a society that expects women to have the perfect looks, the perfect marriage, the perfect children, and the perfect career.

The result? A generation of women who on the outside appears confident and together . . . but on the inside wages a quiet battle against anxiety and self-doubt. For this reason, Insight for Living has developed a brand new LifeMaps book, titled Releasing Worry and Finding Worth as a Woman

This timely, four-chapter LifeMaps book contains practical, biblical teaching as well as meaningful, applicable studies from God’s Word. Created for every woman who has been confronted by the stormy seas of anxiety and self-doubt, this addition to our LifeMaps series demonstrates how to move beyond fear and inferiority to faith and self-worth.

(88-page paperback LifeMaps book)