Revelation – Unveiling the End, Act 1: The Heavenly Stage



Revelation 1 – 5

“Lights, camera, action!”

Ever since the apostle John penned those words in the Book of Revelation, believers and unbelievers alike have been fascinated and confused by its visions and symbols. Fortunately, Chuck Swindoll helps explain some of the mysterious signs by first introducing us to the star of the Bible—Jesus Christ.

Messages in this series:

  1. The Apocalypse in Panorama (57:59)
  2. Prelude to the Unveiling (51:02)
  3. The Curtain Rises, the Drama Begins (1:00:53)
  4. The Church with Everything but the Greatest Thing (1:00:36)
  5. The Suffering Church under Attack (59:01)
  6. The Church That Compromised the Truth (57:27)
  7. The Church Where Tolerance Went to Seed (1:06:22)
  8. Autopsy of a Dead Church (56:52)
  9. Little Strength, Open Door, Awesome God (54:29)
  10. The Church That Nauseates God (57:34)
  11. Standing before God’s Awesome Throne (59:24)
  12. Worthy Is the Lamb (57:09)

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