Strengthening Your Grip on Evangelism


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Acts 8:25–39

On your list of desired activities, does sharing your faith rank right up there with getting a root canal? Don’t feel alone. It seems that most Christians would rather do anything than witness. Why? First, we don’t really know how to go about it. Second, we’re indifferent; we have other things to think about, and besides, plenty of evangelists out there can do the job better than we could. Third, we’re afraid. Nobody likes to look like a fool because they can’t answer all of the questions others may have. And what if the response is hostile? The thought of sharing our faith often leaves us intimidated.

We’ve probably all been in situations—maybe on an aeroplane or at a convention—when the topic of religion came up and we had to face the inevitable dialogue with a nonbeliever. We’ve usually ended up feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and we’ve walked away wondering, What could I have said or done not only to win a hearing but to keep a hearing? How could I have shown Christ to that person in a more understandable way? How could I have kept from sounding so pious or so out of touch with reality?

Good questions. Acts 8 has some answers for the apprehensive evangelist.

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