The Great Commission: A Vision 195 Series


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When the time drew near for the resurrected Jesus to ascend into heaven, His followers wondered, What now? Jesus appeared and gave them a clear mission: proclaim the gospel in all the world in the power of the Spirit.

When the Spirit descended, the apostles heralded Jesus’ good news in Jerusalem. In doing so, they formed a magnetic community as the Lord added to their number day by day, and many people from all corners of the earth embraced their message.

Join Chuck Swindoll as he walks us through this four-part series on the Great Commission. We’ll learn how the Spirit still leads us today as we embody Jesus’ teachings and proclaim Him as both Lord and Saviour.

Messages in this series:

  1. What Now?
  2. Kick-Starting a Plan to Reach the World
  3. Essential Fuel for Fulfilling the Mission
  4. An Original Snapshot of the First Church

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