The Practice of Godliness



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Godliness. The idea confuses, overwhelms, and intimidates most of us. Like being dropped in some foreign country, we need help interpreting the language of godliness and translating it to the real world of Monday mornings.

In his book The Practice of Godliness, Jerry Bridges explains how a genuine devotion to God results in a life that is pleasing to Him. With a firm resistance against our culture’s priority to merely feel good about ourselves, this volume will help you:

  • Personalise God’s love for you . . . and form a foundation for devotion to Him
  • Begin to see the character of God’s Spirit in your life—such as joy, self-control, peace, and patience
  • Develop the delicate balance of firmness toward ourselves and tenderness toward others
  • Understand what one motive you need to live a life that honours God

This book will show you how to grow deep in your devotion to God, so that you can mirror the character of God.

(233-page paperback book)