The Strong Family Bible Companion


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What are the signs of a strong family? Is it a house with a clean-cut yard, filled with clean-cut kids? Is it the church-bound SUV and the little fish on the back bumper? What about a family with a church leader at the helm—that deacon, that elder, that pastor? Certainly they have strong families.

Not necessarily. Many have the trappings of a household that has it all together, but the true mark of a strong Christian family rarely draws attention. That defining trait is authenticity. Take authenticity out of Christianity, and all you have is religion. All knowledge, no wisdom. Ritual without heart. Nothing of any practical value to preserve a family through the challenges that threaten to ruin lives.

The Strong Family Bible Companion is designed to put you in touch with the Ultimate Family Therapist and to help you apply His counsel. Each chapter will guide your interaction with Scripture and suggest practical ways to allow God to strengthen your family with timeless principles from His Word. Use this Bible Companion individually, with your family, or as a guide for small-group discussion, and discover how only authentic dependence upon Jesus Christ will shelter a family when the storms of life strike without warning.

(192-page softcover Bible Companion)