Thinking Right about the Church


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In 2 Corinthians 2:14–15, the apostle Paul referred to the body of believers as having a “sweet aroma.” In the past few years, unfortunately, the stench of sin has invaded some high-profile ministries, obscuring the fragrance of Christ. Smelling only the rankness, the world has decided that all the church is that way. But the world’s thinking is wrong; there’s still a lot about the church that is fragrant.

Even so, our reputation has been dealt a staggering blow. The body of Christ has become a punching bag for people eager to poke fun. City governments, school boards, and courts seem to have lost their trust in the church as a positive influence. Even Christians are having their doubts.

It’s time to push aside the negative thinking and draw our attention to God’s perspective of His church. He smells the sin, but He also breathes in the sweet aroma. In his first letter to Timothy, Paul highlighted six fragrant qualities that will help us think rightly about the church.

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