Three Faces of God


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Romans 9:1–4, 6–7; 10:1–4, 11–12, 14–15; 11:1–8, 11, 33–36

Romans 9–11 focuses on a special area of importance: how the gospel relates to God’s chosen people, the Jews. While Paul’s treatment of this subject is both daring and dogmatic, it is—as you would expect with Paul—completely logical. As we begin this section, let’s step back and see the whole scene that lies before us, somewhat like we do when we map out a long road trip. It helps to get an overview of where we’re going. Our goal in this message is to get a clear perspective as we trace our way from start (Romans 9:1) to finish (11:36) . . . observing “three faces of God” along the way.

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