Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus: A Journey through the Lands and Lessons of Christ


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Imagine following Jesus along the road, listening in on His conversations and learning the lessons He taught in the holy places He travelled. Join author Wayne Stiles as he walks in the steps of Jesus through Bethlehem, Samaria, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Caesarea, and beyond. Sit with Jesus beside a well with a lonely woman in Samaria, meet in the darkness with a Jerusalem Pharisee searching for truth, befriend a group of fishermen with a sea of false expectations, and return with Him to a hometown tragically ready to reject the announcement of His kingdom. As you experience the Holy Land through the sights, tastes and sounds of Stiles’s engaging personal travelogue, you will not only discover more about these sacred places, you’ll see how their history and landscape influenced the lessons Christ taught His earliest listeners. By retracing the windswept roads Jesus took during His earthly life and ministry, you will encounter Him in a fresh and vital way and grow to a greater understanding of His will for your life.

“I thought Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus would be an interesting read, but I found it to be absolutely captivating! Wayne is a great storyteller, but he is also a very careful Bible scholar. That is a very lethal combination—lethal in the sense that it will destroy any inclination that you have to drift off into boredom. . . . This travelogue is a first-class seat in an air-conditioned Mercedes bus, just like the ones that you’ll find in Israel. I know you’re going to enjoy the ride.” — Steve Farrar, bestselling author and founder of Men’s Leadership Ministries

(192-page paperback book)