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From the Depths to the Heights

In just a few verses, the songwriter of Psalm 116 has climbed from the utter depths of grief and sorrow to the heights of praising God. His journey undoubtedly took many months, however. The song merely recounts his ordeal.

While his praising God marks the pinnacle of his climb, it also appears to be his means of getting there. He didn’t wait until he felt better before giving the Lord praise.

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Take the Path to Change

The Matthew commentaries and Swindoll Study Bible are perfect companions as you listen to our current broadcast. And two other resources offer peace through forgiving and trusting God.

Jesus topical page

The Man with Many Names

Jesus easily stands as the most influential person in history. How did His short time on earth shake the world so? This page helps you study the Man who spoke like none other.

New Testament commentaries

The Set Is Complete!

Pastor Chuck’s must-have 16-volume New Testament Commentary set is now complete. Benefit from Chuck’s more than 50 years of studying and teaching God’s Word and his familiar warmth.

Video Insight: Being Right with Others

Forgiving Them Is for You

When someone has hurt you deeply through their words or actions, it’s not easy to let go of the resulting bitterness. But Chuck Swindoll says it’s not only possible—it’s essential!

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