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Three Timely Lessons for God’s Servants

In recent posts, I have written about God’s servants feeling used and unappreciated, experiencing undeserved disrespect and resentment, and having hidden greed—a desire to be rewarded. From these very real and common perils, there emerge at least three timely lessons for all of us to remember.

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Add This to Your Traditions

Allow the incredible choir and orchestra of Stonebriar Community Church to get you into the Christmas spirit. This CD also includes a Christmas message by Chuck Swindoll.

Rediscover the Wonder

Our Christmas page helps you see the nativity story through the eyes of the ordinary, everyday people whom God chose to involve—people who are a lot like you.

Gifts for Myriad Uses

From meaningful spiritual resources to useful products to novelties, the items in our store can help you complete your entire Christmas list quickly. Start shopping today!

Video Insight

When do we get to sit back and relax in our sainthood, knowing we've reached spiritual maturity? Chuck Swindoll takes a cue from the apostle Paul to give us the answer.

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