A Family Album: Biblical Snapshots for Unique Situations


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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Every family photo—a bride and groom, a newborn child, or a high school graduate—is a moment that we treasure and reminds us of our Heavenly Father’s photo album which includes our spiritual ancestors. So crawl up on your Father’s lap and treasure your time together as Chuck Swindoll shares some enduring stories from God’s Word.

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Messages in this series:

  1. Meet the Mother of Moses
  2. A Couple Mightily Used of God
  3. “Grandpa Uzziah”: A Study in Contrasts
  4. The Parents of a Son Born Blind
  5. A Double Blessing for a Single Parent
  6. Earning the Right to Be Called “Dad”
  7. From Captive to Queen: An Adoption Story
  8. If You Have the Solo . . . Sing Out!