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Hypocrisy’s Hidden Horrors

In his November 11, 1942, report on the war to the British House of Commons, Winston Churchill referred to “the soft underbelly of the Axis.” While half the world was intimidated by the powerful blitzkrieg style of Nazi warfare, the perceptive prime minister focused on the other side—the hidden side: the insecurity, the lack of character, the insanity behind the public image of the German dictator. Adolf Hitler may have seemed strong to his adoring public and the goosestepping soldiers who proudly wore their führer’s swastika. But the pudgy, cigar-smoking resident of 10 Downing Street was neither impressed nor frightened.

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Add Joy to Your Generosity

Chuck Swindoll’s series Hilarious Generosity uncovers the joyful side of generosity as you give to God’s work. And the book You and Your Money teaches you God’s wisdom on handling finances.

It’s Nothing Serious

Our Humour page invites you take an exit ramp from the rat race, relax for a while, and get a good dose of the best medicine: laughter! It will lighten your spirit and energize your thoughts.

2019 Preaching Prize

Insight for Living UK has sponsored the Moorlands College Preaching Prize for several years. Terry Boyle recently travelled to Moorlands to present the award to this years winner.

The Praise of Laughter

Certainly we need God near us when we feel down and needy. But Chuck Swindoll urges us to invite God into our fun and even our silly moments. God likes to laugh too.

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